Alhama De Granada Spain

This is Alhama De Granada.

A Spanish village so pretty it’s difficult not to fall in love with it.

Alhama de Granada view from the Gorge with the church

People come here for a splash in the thermal baths…

To take a walk at the majestic gorge…

Alhama de Granada Gorge. Great for walking

To get drunk & be merry during the Fiesta del Vino…

Or to revel in the truly unique yearly carnival…

Alhama de Granada Carnaval - A very unique carnival in Spain with a very interesting story. People wear this mask to hide their faces

But not too long ago, when the Moors and the Christians were playing the Games of Thrones, Alhama de Granada was a very strategic place.

It was the first town in Granada that fell to the Christians in 1482 which started the decline of the Moorish powers in Al-Andalus.

So as you can see, this is a town rich in history.

And everywhere you go, there are vestiges of Alhama de Granada’s story.

You can see it on the walls of the Iglesia del Carmen, a church with a turbulent history…

Alhama de Granada Iglesia del carmen (church).

You can see it in the alleyways of the old town…

You can see it at the inquisition house a few meters from Iglesia de la Encarnacíon…

And have I mentioned that way all before these, the Romans were here too?

Oh yes. The Romans loved this place.

They especially loved the thermal baths.

They also built a bridge that continues to stand in all it’s glory to this day.

This is Alhama De Granada.

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