A Day At The Parque De Las Ciencias [Science Park] In Granada

“What is this?” My son asks.

“This is how erosion happens. Press the button.”

My son presses and presses… and presses. Water flows down to exquisitely show how quickly water flows in the absence of vegetation.

“This part here without any grass?…” My husband tries to finish the Science lesson for the day but my son had already moved on to the next exhibit looking for another button to push.

So it goes during the six hours we were at the Science Park.

The Parque de las Ciencias is one of those rare places where both parent and child can equally enjoy the activity for the day.

I get what some people say that it’s not up to scratch compared to the museums in London or New York…. blah di blah di blah.

But if you’re in Granada and you’ve got young kids in tow? There’s no more interesting, less demanding, stress-free way to spend a whole day than at the Science Park.

For a young kid, this place is playland with all the buttons they can push, the hands-on activities, and the many other sensory stimuli available at their disposal.

And frankly, you adults out there will be surprised at how much you’ll like the place (If the human body exhibition is on when you go there, find the exhibit where you get to test your mental power against somebody by moving a ball using only your mind – pretty mind-boggling, really).

The Exhibitions

This place is big and has lots of different exhibitions going. We’ve been there a few times and there has never been a day when we’ve seen all the exhibitions in that one day.

There are permanent and temporary exhibitions. Check out their site to see what the current ones are.

Right now, the temporary exhibitions include A Journey Into the Brain ( fascinating!) and the Puppet exhibitions.

Don’t Miss

I feel a bit guilty making a Don’t Miss section here because many of the exhibitions are good. But every time we’ve been to the park, we always try to see the following places/activities:

  • Butterfly Garden – A mini-tropical paradise full of tropical plants and lots of butterflies (well actually, they dwindle down in the winter.)
  • Birds of Prey show – This is as close as you can get to birds of prey. The bird handler is amazing. The birds fly so low that they sometimes fly just about an arms length from where you are – a bit of a shock sometimes but as far as I know, these birds have not flown straight to a person’s head………. Yet.
  • Tower – For a good view of Granada and the surrounding area.

Going To The Parque De Las Ciencias

Avda. de la Ciencia s/n
18006 Granada

GPS Coordinates
37’16231º N
3’60374º W

*Buses No. 1 & 5 passes the park


  • General tickets cost $6.50
  • There’s a restaurant inside the park with free WIFI connection. It can get full and there’s nothing special about the food. I suggest taking your own packed lunch/snacks.
  • This place gets busy in the summer, on weekends and on national holidays. Go as early as possible to miss the long queue.
  • Closed on Mondays. Visit the Museum’s Calendar for more details. http://www.parqueciencias.com/parqueciencias/menus/horarios/horarioApertura.html

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