Malaga’s torre del mar beach

There was a time when Torre del Mar was just that town with a beach. And because my husband and I were born with a very little sense of direction, we would get lost every time we went there for a day trip.

Oh, those hot summer days when we were in the car and all we wanted to do was just go in the comfort of our cold Andalucian house.

But instead, we would be going round and round this small town with no idea how to get out of it.

“Do you know the way out?” My husband asks.

“I guess so… oh wait.. that looks familiar. Turn here..”

Dead end.

“Turn around and take the next turn instead.”
“Do you plan to try every turn on this road?”
“Well, surely one of these turns is going to take us out.”
“Are you freaking kidding me?”

“Well, your way didn’t work, did it?”
“And you think your way is going to?”


“So what now? ”
“Well, you just said my way wouldn’t work!”
“I didn’t say it wouldn’t work (smirks). I asked YOU if in your sane mind you think your way would work?”

“Oh. Shut up!”
“What do you want? Can I drive now or do you want to keep giving me directions?”
“What? so you can keep on going round and round this town in this heat?”
“So what do you want me to do?”

I spot a car in front of us.

“Follow that black car.”

Incredulous look from my driver.

“You want me to follow that freakin’ car? How do you know where it’s going?”
“Just follow it, will you?”
“Oh don’t start it. Don’t give me that tone.”

He follows the car…..

“now what?”

“Well, if you don’t want to follow the car then do it your way!”

There were many trips just like this one and it always ended with one of us feeling smug after finding the right way out – that’s of course after half a dozen tries.

But now, Torre Del Mar is so familiar, it’s almost home.

This is one coastal town in the Costa del Sol that I wouldn’t mind living in. It’s small enough so as not to feel that you live in a “city” and yet big enough to have some “worldly” comforts that we don’t get in the small town where we live (it’s got one of the British’ cultures greatest legacy – charity shops!”)

The best time to go to Torre is in the Spring just before the hordes of tourists come-a-flocking to its sandy shores.

Torre del Mar Beach Malaga Andalucia
Watching the fishermen come back with their catch of the day

We usually spend an hour or two at the beach. At this time (May), there are some brave people swimming in its cold water. But we usually just take in the sun and paddle a bit.

Little one spends lots of time playing and gathering rocks……

Husband always reads…..

For 2 minutes.

Because a parent reading is a give-me-attention cuddle magnet

Reading a book in Torre del Mar Spain

Then, there’s always time for food. We make sure we always have food whether we’re full or not.

If we remember our toys, we have time for that too.
And then we go for a nice walk on the Paseo Marítimo —

Torre del mar playing at the beach.

Where son sometimes scoots on the lane next to it when we have the scooter with us (and where I hope to rekindle my love for roller skates one of these days)

If we’re lucky, we spot the parrots.

We sometimes eat at one of the chiringuitos, but our favorite is a small place just at the end of the paseo called Bar Chopo. It’s a great place for traditional Spanish food. People actually stand to wait for their turn. Try the berenjenas fritas with caña de miel – yum yum.

Eating espetos in Torre del mar

And then after the walk, there’s always time for ice cream.


And after that, we get in our tiny car.

And we no longer have to follow a black car to get back home.

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